brand new to smoker...can't get pucks to burn

Started by zkup, September 11, 2010, 11:05:10 AM

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Been reading the forum for about a week in anticipation of getting my smoker.  This is just an awesome community. Started the seasoning process today and the heating element is working great.  However, the pucks do not appear to be burning and I'm not getting smoke out the top.  They are moving through the dispenser however.  Any thoughts on how to fix.

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Could be a loose wire inside the smoke generator? There seems to be a rash of that over the last couple of weeks. I've never taken mine apart and I think there are a few screws you shouldn't (don't need) to remove. Someone should be along soon that has done it but that is where I would start first.

Good luck and let us know!

And welcome to the forum!

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Zcup here are the directions you're looking for.

I just got my smoker last week and I had a plug disconnected inside that runs the puck pusher. Just check all the plugs and replug them.

Good Luck!


many thanks guys.  Not sure what changed but it's smoking now.  Trying my first smoke right now. 

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Hi zkup;
Welcome to the forum.

From the time frame between your two posts, it appears that you did not push the advance button three times to move the first bisquette to the burner; or you did not preheat the burner and it took a while for it to get hot enough to smoke the bisquettes.



Yeah you need to preheat the puck burner for a good half hour before advancing the bisquettes.
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Welcome zkup.  I always start the smoke generator when I start the element to make sure it is hot when I put the pucks in.


exactly correct.  I didn't preheat the puck burner and didn't advance the pucks far enough.  many thanks though guys.  did chicken wrapped in bacon yesterday and it turned out great. am going for a brisket now in time for the Cowboy kickoff.  Really appreciate the quick responses.


A brisket can take 1.5- 2 hours per pound so make sure you plan accordingly
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