Started by johnlmaddock3, September 12, 2010, 07:29:39 PM

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I have a 6 rack digital.  Today I smoked a 3.15 lb brisket.  I set the smoke generator to smoke for 3 hours and the oven for 200 degrees for 6 hours (1 hour to preheat and 5 hours to cook).  I have two different analog thermometers. 

I prepped the brisket with a dry rub and let it sit for 24 hours prior to smoking.  I placed the brisket on the second rack from the top.  After 5 hours the internal temp was only 120.  I turned the smoker up to 210 degrees.  After three more hours the internal temp was around 150 degrees.

I removed the brisket.  The rub on the bottom was almost like jerky.  The rub on the top was very dry.  The inside was cooked medium according to the thermometer.

The temp on the Bradley varied by 8 to 9 degrees on the low side and 2 to 3 degrees on the high side.  I stuck three thermometers inside the brisket and they never registered above 145 to 150 degrees.


Don't go by time, go by internal temp (IT) or tenderness test. The IT should be 185 -190 or so. Tenderness test is to put a fork in it an turn. It should have very little resistence. A brisket at 220 will take 1.5 - 2.0 hrs per pound.
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You probably had a trimmed flat (part of a packer brisket)

They will dry out if extra care is not taken when cooking them.