High temperature problem and door light

Started by 47sgs, September 27, 2010, 05:28:12 PM

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  I tried to smoke some steelhead today, and when I first turned on the power, the temp continually climbed to over 230.  When I turned it way down, and opened the vent completely, it still climbed that high.  The door light stays on even when I slide the temp control clear to off.  There seems to be no temp control at all.  Can I assume the thermostat in the unit is faulty and its stuck on high ?  Also, the first time I plugged it in, it blew the GFI circuit breaker.


sounds like you  have a slider control or control board problem, contact Bradley they  have good support

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I agree with Beefman, it looks like your circuit board is not working. It is either faulty, or it was wired wrong at the factory. I would call Bradley, to get another circuit board, also make sure it is not a wiring issue.

Here is a picture of how the circuit board is wired:

The slider switch is a rheostat, there is no thermostat in the OBS. If that cannot control the heat, I would not smoke/cook unattended; or not use it at all until the problem is resolved.



I agree, Contact Brian at Bradley 1-(800) 665-4188
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