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Started by bardfromedson, October 05, 2010, 05:30:01 PM

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 Hey i just bought the new bradly digital 6 rack smoker and have noticed that the temperature really varies and am wondering what after market thermomerter to buy.  I have read a little and would like a 2 probe but am not sure which brand name to buy.



I think the best would probably be Auberin's PID temperature controller. It is designed for the bradley and is plug and play. They have a single probe and the new dual probe. I have a single probe and it works awesomely(if that is a word). If you can spend the extra dough get the dual. It is real nice to have the smoker temp and the food temp controlled for you.
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I've got a single probe with my 6 rack and it works great.    A dual probe would be nice though.   When you reach the desired IT it will shut the smoker off.    Not a necessity but nice.


if it is within you budget, go with the dual probe. Get the "dangling" probe, not the wall mount.
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Here is a nice article Hawkeyesmokes wrote up;
Single/Dual Probes PID



Quote from: GusRobin on October 05, 2010, 07:35:12 PM
if it is within you budget, go with the dual probe. Get the "dangling" probe, not the wall mount.

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If you want the dual probe i would suggest you to wait until next week the 1202 will be release with alot of improvements its worth to wait.