Problem with Bisquettes not Feeding too

Started by bforth, July 21, 2005, 04:14:52 AM

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Hi all,

Having trouble with my bisquettes not feeding. The drawer only goes back half way from time to time so no bisquettes drop down. Acts like there is wood dust or something in there because if it does go all the way back it clicks.

Opened the smoke generator as we suggested by Bradley and sprayed it down with some WD-40, same problem...I've had it only 2 months...ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum!!!
It sounds like you have tried to fix the problem. If as you stated, it looks clear of obstructions and you can't seem to fix the problem just call Bradley. Some others have had similar problems. Bradley customer service is Top Notch!!! I can almost guarantee, you will have a new smoke generator within a week.
Let us know how things turn out![;)]

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New one on the way...thanks for the advice and thanks to Bradley for standing by their product.


welcome, b!  Now that Bradley CS has once again excelled, let us know how you fare!

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