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Started by Yatch, December 15, 2010, 05:28:01 AM

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I'm a Wisconsin fisherman that has been smoking browns and salmon on a kettle smoker during the summer months, That just got me interested, I moved up to an original Bradley just a few days ago.  I want to do some winter smoking so I have the Bradley set up in my garage.  I put an alum. vent on the smoke vent and piped it out the window.  All the joints are wrapped with duck tape.  I seasoned the smoker just yesterday and the venting is working great so far.  Slight smell in the garage but no big deal.  The garage was in the 20's and the smoker maintained the 150 degrees for seasoning without a problem. 

I think I am good to go now. I thought I would try a couple of chickens as my first venture. 

I would appreciate any comments about what I have done from you experienced Bradley smoker people.

I will be smoking some brown trout as soon as I can catch a couple this winter.  ::) 


W E L C O M E  to the Forum Yatch!
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Jim O

Welcome Yatch !

Your set-up sounds like you mean business !

Don't forget pix !

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Welcome to the forum Yatch & congrats on your purchase!


Welcome to the forum Yatch.  When doing chicken keep the vent fully open at all times.  They give off a lot of water and you don't want it dripping back inside the box.  If you want crisp skin you'll have to achieve that on a grill or the kitchen oven.
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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum...Enjoy!

Remember we like pic's!!
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welcome to the forum and  sounds like you  do have the smoker setup , and  doing chicken is quite  easy, season it , put it in the smoker and id  start  off  with 4 bisquetts of hickory and a box temp of 215 ( if you  can get it that high ) and cook it in the bradley till an it of 170


From a newbie at smoking welcome.  I just bought my OBS about a month ago and have had some really good results.  I'm interested in your set up so can you post pictures?  I'm going to set mine up in my work shop and need some ideas

Thanks, TMB
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Welcome Yatch - jump in with both feet and enjoy the fun!

Chicken - somebody already said keep the vent full open.

Lots of people brine their chicken to maintain moisture.  Some will inject.  I'm lazy and all I do now is spatchcock them and dust with rub and smoke.  Going from a whole chicken to a spatchcocked one is easy and for some reason that I can't figure out, it really helps with keeping your chicken moist and tender.
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Welcome Yatch - And what Caney said.... cut the backbone out of that bird and mash him flat. I give em a litle love with some olive oil and then just the salt, pepper and a little granulated garlic. Apple is probably my favorite smoke for a bird. Doesn't get much better than that.  Enjoy!


A little to cold for smoking here in Wisconsin right now.  0 at night and low 20's during the day. Smoker may work but I don't. I was impressed with the number of responses.  Looks like this smoking thing is bigger than I thought. Hopefully I will be using the Bradley soon.  My big reason for the unit is brown trout.  Starting in late Dec. I usually catch some big ones.  Just right for smoking.  I'll try to attach a couple of photos to give you smokers an idea of what I want to smoke.
(Don't ask for more photos, my 16 year old grandson did this, I will only be able to post photos when he is visiting, I'm just an old timer I guess.) 


Welcome Yatch,

It looks like you've got a good setup and good luck with your new Bradley! And remember help is but only a question away, and we like to help! I'll bug you next time about that picture thing!  ;D


Hi Yatch and welcome to the forum.  I might suggest wrapping the exhaust pipe with some insulation.  It should help tp keep the condensation outside without running back into the smoker.

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My Bradley is also in my garage. I have a kitchen stove hood mounted to the wall, with 6" duct, with a duct booster, that goes out a window.  Bradley sets just under the hood.  I will post pictures later!
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I have a very similar setup with my OBS in my garage vented out the window.  I have found if the vent doesn't always have a good draw the smoke comes out where the smoke generator mates to the OBS.  I don't mind a slight smell in my garage, but twice now I have come down to check on it and the garage was filled with smoke... Wife was not happy...