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Christmas Potpourri (Simmering)
« on: December 21, 2010, 07:50:59 pm »
I made the following about 6 years ago and gave to my mom, sisters, friends, coworkers, etc. A bit of a mistake as now I have to make it every year  :D
I am thinking the spice cupboard hoarders ( you know who you are) probably have 90% of the ingredients anyway.

2 broken sticks of Cinnimon
2 TBLS of whole Allspice
2 TBLS of Bay Leaf
2 TBLS of candied citrus peel (orange, lemon, mixed, your choice)
1 TBLS of Anise
1 TBLS of whole Clove
1 tsp of ground Clove
I pinch of Cinnamon
1/2 Orange quartered
1/2 Lemon quartered

In a small to medium sauce pan add all ingredients. Fill pot with water. Put on stove and bring to a simmer. Stir periodically (when you think about it.) add more water as needed. I can get at least 4 cooks out of it estimating 6-8hrs of cook time or maybe more, I have never kept track.

The candied citrus peel is my substitute for 1/2 an orange peel. It is easier for me.
This potpourri does makes the house smell like Christmas (to me and those that request it anyway).

When giving away I put the lemon and orange pieces in one ziploc. The ground spices in another, The cinnimon sticks and whole spices in another and the candied citrus peel in a zip lock of its own. The package doesn't look bad when completed for being simple packaging. No one has complained yet.

When the potpourri cooks it will darken. Probably not the most appealing to look at but that is not it's purpose. It cleans out of the pot real good. When it is not in use I just leave it on the stove till we want to use it again.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!