Sausage Casing Question

Started by deb415611, December 20, 2008, 05:49:55 PM

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Thanks Habs!  I will read those. 

I'm liking the sausage making.   After Christmas I want to experiment with some "healthy" sausage.  As much as I love regular sausage I should not eat it.  For awhile I was able to buy some chicken breakfast sausage that was really good - it was heavily spiced and the texture was good- and the family would eat it.   I would love to duplicate it.   I have also had my eye on the turkey/cherry sausage in Charcuterie although I think this one has pork fat in it.   


I've kept well salted casings from one year to the next with no problems at all.



Quote from: Smoking Duck on December 20, 2008, 06:52:10 PM

Man, I've really hijacked this thread.  I'm sorry Deb and I didn't even do a dang thing to help you with your question.  My gosh, I've really gotta find a job soon.  Even I'm finding myself unbearable.............


the hijacking was not a problem ;D I kind of took the hijacking further anyways.   And we (or at least I) don't find you unbearable!

Father Tom

Hi Deb

I traveled international for years and always carried salted casings with us.  As long as there is enough salt to partly cover they will last for years in the frig..  As a mater of fact i had some for 4 years and they were still good.   
If you want to have fun try going through foreign customs with a container full of white powder (Dextros) plus zip lock bags full of other sausage mixes.  Fun & Games.

Merry Christmas to all