Will this puck work ?

Started by gmwoodturner, January 04, 2011, 06:19:14 PM

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Since I do a lot of wood turning do you think pucks made out of wood ( cherry , maple , hickory and the likes ) work as a puck in the smoker.
Thanks again

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I have read posts where they do if you drill about 10-12 holes in the wood.
Search pucks and you should find the post


I tried this with mulberry wood.  drilled like 25 holes in a disk and put in smoker.  Not even enough time to turn the bottom of the disk black much less smoke.  Then I let the wood dry for like 8 months and put in the oven at 250 for 2 hours to dry the wood more.  Put disk in smoker and now the disk turned black on bottom, but no noticable smoke before being pushed off tray (and yes I pre-heated the tray).  Got the idea from someone who posted about using Alder branches and it worked great for him, did not work at all for me.


By my thinking the compressed wood flakes of the Bradley pucks are so much less dense then a piece of wood turned down to the same size that the 125 watt hot plate would never have a chance to bring the wood to a smoking temperature within the 20 minute time frame before the next puck is advanced!

With that said I could see someone building a "hot" version of the cold smoke setup and burn their own wood and duct the smoke into the cooking chamber, should they feel so inclined!  ;) It's all about fun!  ;D


I am thinking that you might want to try your homemade puck with out putting any other pucks on the SG.  Put the homemade puck on and let it go.  It will take a while to get it smoking on the hot plate and I don't think 20 min will be long enough so don't put anything on that will push it off.

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A home made puck for about 45 minutes to an hr and then manually push it off and add another.

Novel Idea there Watson!

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When I want to use different wood flavors that Bradley doesn't carry I do what TestRocket suggests; use the cold smoke box to smoke different woods. Note: the Bradley Cold Smoker Adapter is fairly small, and most hot plates will not fit inside the box.

Using Other Wood Flavors