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Started by zrick01, August 14, 2005, 02:33:29 AM

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I have the black Bradley Smoker. It hasd been used 3 times and it works great. I have the cover for it and about $30.00 worth of pecan biscuits as well as a new biscuit burner. I will take $300.00 for it.
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I would take $300 too, but you might want to start about $225-250.  ChezBubba sells this for $330 new with a 60 pack of bisquettes, a lifetime 10% off on bisquettes, and a full 1 year warranty.  The shipping might also be included in that price(not sure).

You can get a new on Ebay for $267 + shipping, and $299 Buy It Now.
Yours..I don't know if the warranty is even transferrable.

Sorry it didn't work out for you.  I wouldn't hold my breath awaiting someone to pay $300 for a used smoker.


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