10lbs of stick

Started by jack and coke, February 11, 2011, 03:19:51 PM

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jack and coke

did one 5lb batch of a mix i just winged up.  did the other 5lb batch with a sausagemaker.com mix.

set up.

the winged mix.

there are both of them.  the ones up top are the winged mix.  the ones on the bottom are the sausagemaker.com mix.

they are in the smoker right now.  try to get more pics up



Lookin gooood.

Cant wait till there done.

I hope you in a got a nap today, this is gonna take a wile.  ::)

Time for a drink.  ;D

You can leave the coke outta mine.  :D


Great Goings!

Be sure and not the the sticks touch each other or

they will not have a finished (smoked) look to them.

jack and coke

had to tell everyone thats called so far that i might not make it out tonight.  always saturday

jack and coke

here they are after smoke. 

observation.  the sticks i seasoned myself did not seem to red or color like the sausagemaker.com sticks
guys have any clues


Did you put cure in your winged mix? That potato has me wondering ;D Looks good!!


jack and coke

i just stick the potato to rest that probe somewhere.  its in a stick now
paprika ok

cure in both


When is the last time you rotated the racks?

jack and coke

every hr. 
they are coloring up better as time passes


The warmer they get the darker they get, so to speak.



Are thery done yet? Are thery done yet? Are thery done yet? Are thery done yet?  ;D