3 Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Started by ArnieM, February 26, 2011, 04:14:02 PM

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I still can't get to the smokers or grill due to all of the snow so I had to come up with something.  My wife picked up three red bell peppers so the stuffed idea came to mind.

I browned up some GB and drained it.  Par-cooked some basmati rice and mixed the two.  I go fairly light on the rice.  Added some dehydrated onion and garlic (Penzeys), about a half teaspoon of jalapeno flakes and S&P.

The base stuffing:

Once cooled, I added a handful of shredded sharp cheddar and some plain tomato sauce.

I cut off the pepper tops and diced up some of the top's remains.  It all went into the nuker for three minutes to soften them up some.

Then it was build time.  Two nice cubes of smoked mozz on the bottom.  Filled about half way with the stuffing.  Added a layer of muenster cheese.  Filled almost full with more stuffing.  Put some shredded sharp cheddar on top along with a spoon or two of the tomato sauce.

Going into the oven (325 for 45 minutes).

Out of the oven and cooling for about five minutes.

The 'money' shot, such as it is.  Salad was in a separate bowl.

Nice comfort food for a chilly Saturday evening.  My wife kept raving over it.

-- Arnie

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Mr Walleye

That Looks awesome Arnie!  8)

You should listen to your wife!  ;)


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Stuffed Bell Peppers is one of my favs!

I like it.

Good to see ya up and postin.


Luv stuffed Bell Peppers.

Looks GREAT!

Dont need no silly salad, you got your veggies right there.  ;D


Looks Great Arnie!! Glad to see you getting back in the saddle and doing some cooking!!
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Great job Arnie!!  I love stuffed peppers.  I use red, yellow, orange or green peppers for stuffing or my chili interchangeably.  They're all good.

If you can't smoke it.....you don't need it!!!


I love stuffed bell peppers and those look tasty. When I make stuffed bell peppers I only use the orange or yellow peppers. I know they are more expensive but I think they are worth it ;)
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Thanks for posting this. I've never done stuffed bell peppers but i'll be trying this real soon. I think I have a bias against them because in Boy Scouts at summer camp one year we kept getting these giant tins of stuffed bell peppers and they were pretty gross as I recall. The racoons wouldn't even eat them :P