My smoker quit today

Started by Badger, March 13, 2011, 12:01:06 PM

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Doing up a pork shoulder and after the smoking session was done I packaged up the meat in foil to do some basting and I noticed she was not coming up to temp, looked inside and the element isn't glowing and the light on the front is out, is it just the element that is done or should I be looking eslewhere? She's about 4 yrs old BTW.


Odd, I just went back out and it's on now.....



Sounds like a bad connetion somewhere. Maybe you have a wire loose inside the smoke Gen. Or after this many years one of the wires behind the back panel has burnt off.
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What temperature does the door thermometer read? It does sound like a short, but if you are running at a high temperature it may be the high temperature sensor. It will automatically shut the smoker off for a period of time to allow the cabinet to cool down. The switch is activated around 320°F, but sometimes they will become faulty and shutdown at a lower temperature. Also make sure the foiled food is not blocking too much space, that can prevent circulation which can cause heat build up.

Since it is four years old, check to make sure there is not crack in the face plate above the slider switch. If moisture drips into that area, it could short out the circuit board.