Brunswick Stew a la Georgia

Started by SiFumar, March 25, 2011, 03:05:12 PM

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I was bemoaning the fact that I'm still waiting on my parts from Bradley.  And my younger son and gf are coming in from Cali this weekend.  Wanted to make something special for them.  So I know he likes Brunswick stew so I thought I'd make some..and pull out a bag of pulled pork I put away.  We lived in Statesboro, GA for 3 years...and this is where I learned it.  First time I had it,  it was served this way ...a pile of pork, Brunswick stew and 2 slices white bread.

The players:

Meat diced and cooking until tender:

I throw bones in for added flavor.

More to come.....


Now thats gonna be a killer Bowl of Stew. I read the line up , scrolled back up and did a "butter search" Yep, that bread is good to go ;D


Thanks Keymaster.....actually those slices of bread go in stew as thickening agent.  But butter bread did go well with it.


La Quinta

Yum...I haven't had brunswick stew in years...looks great...I always thought it was  all chicken and veggies..but...what do I know!!! Well done...