1st Pulled Pork DBS - temp swings

Started by r00ner, April 18, 2011, 10:17:04 AM

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Hi folks, first time posting. Been playing around with my DBS for a week now, and decided to make some Pulled Pork.

I set up my DBS in my shed and vented it our using some 4" ducting and a chimney cap. Also bought a Maverick ET-732 2 probe smoker thermometer.

We see a view of the shed (re-baptized "The Smokehouse")

A view of the venting (I drilled a couple small holes to drain liquid that may be condensing in the elbow).

The newly seasoned smoker

The beast: 13 lbs of pork shoulder, no bone.

I like to use EVOO and a rub inspired by one I found in the Joy of Cooking:
1/4 c Toasted cumin seeds (which are ground up fine)
1/4 c Kosher salt
1/3 c Spicy paprika
1 tsp Cayenne or to taste
2-3 tsp Chili powder
1 tsp Ground chili flakes
3 tbsp coarsely ground peppercorns
1 tsp Mace

All rubbed up and ready to put in smoker, seen here with water pan I use to keep things moist

14 hours later, 4 hours of Cherry smoke and at an IT of 182F

All we need now is 3 hours of FTC, shredding and adding a apple cider vinegar based sauce

Lastly, I was looking outside and wondering what to cook next... :)

I noticed that there were some pretty wide temperature swings in the DBS, along the lines of 50F or so. I'm guessing that putting my termometer probe above the smoking element with only 1 rack in the smoker caused the reading to be hotter than the rest of the unit and a bit off.



50 seems alot to me. Mine only swings about 10-15 degrees and I use it outside.


PID best investment you can make for your smoker.
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The temp swing in my 6 rack was 25 to 30.    That all went away with a PID.


First of all, welcome.  Now as to the temp swings.  Not all that unusual with the BDS as the heating element is either on or off.  There is no "sorta on or sorta off".  As that big hunk of pork got warmer and warmer you should have seen the temp swings become less and less.  The temp swings are simply the nature of the BDS.

Someone mentioned a PID.  It will hold the tower temp within 1-2 degress +/-.  That tight of temp controlling is not critical unless you are making sausage or smoking salmon or jerky.

Enjoy your smoker.  You will become confortable with it soon enough.  Looks like you did a great job with that pork butt.  


Welcome to the forum and nice hunk of pork  ;D
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I have the same problem.. whats a PID?


First welcome to the forum, and I have 4 rack BDS and the fluctuations had me checking all the time to see what the temps were, thus defeating the reason for purchasing the BDS of setting and somewhat forgetting...and now with bringing the PID into the equation. it truly is a set it and forget...well almost..
good luck my friend...
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