How Hot = Too Hot?

Started by atypicalv, April 21, 2011, 11:46:58 AM

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Greetings all,

Have had trouble with the plastic on the Bradley breaking (i.e. bottom trim piece, top trim piece on door resulting in door falling off hinges). The smoker has been treated very kindly and respectfully, and this all happened within 3 months use. When speaking with Bradley warranty rep, she stated the need to keep the top damper at least 1/2 way open so the cabinet doesn't get too hot, resulting in brittle plastic.

So the question is, how hot is too hot? We haven't even reached 200 degrees, usually maxing about 180 (on the door temp gauge). Is that too hot?

TIA for all input.



200 F is definitely NOT to hot, I cook in mine sometimes at 280 F +

My first question would be, where are you storing and using your smoker?

Direct sunlight in a hot climate day in and day out could cause the cracking.


Thanks for the reply OU812 (van halen fan perhaps?). I didn't think that 200 would be too hot, but ? as to why so much plastic breakage issues in such a short time.

It's stored inside (70 degrees) when not in use, and it's always been used in a shaded area, in cool to cold temperatures so far.


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Quote from: atypicalv on April 21, 2011, 12:37:55 PM
Thanks for the reply OU812 (van halen fan perhaps?).

I'm a bit older, and I remember Redd Foxx using that term.  :)



I would give Bradley a call, in Canada; 800-665-4188 in the US; 866-508-7514

There customer service is GREAT.


Like the others stated 200 is not hot. But I do agree with them when they said to keep the top vent open. I never close mine, its mostly wide open at all times.
Call back and ask for Brian, maybe he can help figure out the problem.


Yup call Brian
I have used mine through out the winter. Heating it up to 220* and cooling down to -40 below with no problems. If that dont put stress on on plastic I dont know what will. Mine still looks brand new other that the smokey inside and I like that part


The plastic breaking has been an ongoing common issue.  It is not heat related at all in my opinion.  After the initial face plate replacement, mine has not cracked again in over a year.  The door is an issue.  I am on my second and it is off the hinges.  Have the third one here but keep sticking the second one on there as long as the seal holds.

If you search the forum you will find many posts on this including ways to raise the front legs to take pressure off the face plate.

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Here is a link about the face plate:
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Other useful tips:
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