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Started by itchybeard, May 10, 2011, 09:59:20 AM

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Hi All.
I seem to have a bit of trouble when smoking my trout it nearly allways sticks to the racks no matter how much I spray with oil! Is there something I am not doing ? I have tried to obtain some frogmats but cant seem to get them in the UK. I did buy something similar but when I got it home found it was not a mesh  :( . It is a non stick paper thin oven lining would this work on the racks or would it affect the heat and smoke dissipation? Your thoughts on how to cure this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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Just thinking out loud (As I have frogmats and I don't do much fish)

I wonder if the paper baking sheet liners (Parchment Paper) would be helpful. If you cut them to be the same size or only slightly larger than the fish. Since your smoking with the skin side down, if the paper sticks some that would be ok. As long as it isn't sticking to the rack and falling apart.

Check with YardandPool see if the ship to the UK and how much it would cost.
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Itchy, the problem you're having is exactly why all of my Bradley racks have frogmats in them.  They can take heat up to 550 degrees and it won't stick.  My MAK also has frogmats cut to fit it.  They are a little pricey but in the long run more than well worth it.  Don't think the non-stick coated Bradley racks will alleviate the problem either.  They won't.  Don't ask me how I know this, just trust me.....they won't. ;) :D


Ditto on the FrogMats and Ditto on checking with Yard & Pool.   They can find the most economical way to ship across the pond..

Parchment paper cut 'fish sized' would be a short term solution.


Cheese cloth works and lets the smoke through.

Just moisen it up before you put your fish on it.

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Before I started using fogmats, I found that if you remove the fish immediately from the racks while still hot that helps a little.



I'm wondering how you are smoking your trout. Are they whole, or have you filleted them into halves?

If you are doing them whole, how about applying a little OV on the trout themselves as opposed to the racks - or do a combination of both.

If you have halved them, I've found that the skin seems to dry out on the skin side quicker than the meat side. So try OV on the meat side, do that side first, and then when flipping them to the skin side, but some OV on the skin before flipping them.


Hi All
Thanks for your informative replies I have a few options  to take now. Just to update you I am in the process of getting some frogmats fromYard & Pool( Thanks Tenpoint5,Kynola,Squirtthecat) I am also giving the ones I bought by mistake a try ,You never know!!

Here's what they look like they came just the right size to.

I will let you know how they fair.

Slamdunk This is how I smoke my trout......Big Brownies this time.

Thanks again.
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Good luck, ItchyBeard...
I think fish skin has some of the same goo that God put in spider webs.

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Now those are some nice sized trout!!


Quote from: slamdunk on May 12, 2011, 07:41:25 AM
Now those are some nice sized trout!!

Thanks Slamdunk. The largest was over 10lb in weight.

The fish that were done on the mats came out OK they just slid right off the only difference I could see was the skin being a little softer than those directly on the racks.
When the fish cooled there was no difference at all. The mats cleaned off easily too with just hot soapy water. It says they are dishwasher proof but I don't know how you would hold them down. Time will tell how long they will last but I will use them now. They will do until I get my frogmats.
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