Which smoker to buy???

Started by haagy65, October 22, 2005, 04:50:36 AM

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Hello  I am new to this hobby & love to make jerky in my lil chief!  I am considering the bradley & smokin tex & cook shack, I really enjoy jerky & an occasional smoked fish, which is a better smoker?  Is it a pain to keep ordering the wood biscuits?  Thx for your help! Jim


The Bradley offers consistent results, easy to use and a full drip pan for easy clean up. When I 1st bought mine, I wondered if I made the right decision.  Well I did make the right decision and I don't regret it at all. The wood bisquits are not a pain. You can buy them in bulk. They are the reason for the Bradley's consistency. Generally you only smoke for 4 hours so you don't use that many.

Good luck, Brad



First greetings. Next there are several items I use much less than 4 hours of smoke.

Over the years if it is out there I've owned it, made it, or stole an idea, and can say that the Bradley without a doubt is the best home smoker I've ever had. Now I've made improvements to my unit. However, these improvements are not needed and most of us here have not made them. These improvements you will not find on a home smoker by any company. i.e. circulation fan, and now I'm adding a PID controller.

Nevertheless, be forewarned. The Bradley has moving parts and things do break or just go bad.  The warranty on the Bradley and how they treat items under warranty is second to none.  I had two items (I purchased last year 3 units) that broke. Within 48 hours of calling Bradley the replacement parts where at my front door! Man o man that is what I call service.

car54 is right on spot when he talks about consistent results. This is due to the wood pucks. A new one is moved onto the hot plate every 20 minutes. Plus it is also pre-heated and starting to smoke on the edge before it is moved onto the hot-plate. Thus you not only get an even smoke, you never have to worry about ash being under the wood that is burning.

One of the members here (he is admin this site) sells the Bradley unit. Those who purchase one from him will not only receive great service, but he offers those folks a 10% discount on all future puck purchase.

If you order your unit from <b><font color="blue">Chez's House Of Smoke</font id="blue"></b> I would call and place the order @ 574-276-8746 rather than go through Paypal.  You will save on shipping that way.

Also I suggest getting at least of his 2 Bubba Pucks.

Well good luck in your choice, and even if you get a different smoker you are welcome to this forum and if you like access to our recipe site and chat room.


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Thanks so much for your input to a rookie!  I truly appreciate your time and advice!  Sincerely Jim


Hey do come back no matter what smoker you get~~! [^]


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