Smoked Almonds

Started by thostorey, January 15, 2006, 04:02:11 AM

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I wouldn't mind trying to salt and smoke some almonds. I serched for a recipe but didn't come up with anything I could use. I would think that the bulk food section of the supermarket is the least expensive place for me to buy a couple of pounds (?)

Any one have any luck with almonds? Got a recipe and a few pointers?


Hmmm...I decided to look further down in this forum and what do you think I found? Recipes for almonds[:D] However, some advocate using olive oil and some do not. How about this: soaking in a strong salt brine for 24 hrs, drying 24 hrs, coat lightly with olive oil, season with hickory salt and smoke for (2?3?4?) hours? Any ideas on how this might work?

Tom in Qualicum Beach


The recipe you describe is a good one. I've brined for 24 hours, dried and smoked with hickory with good results, but the best success I've had is by lightly coating the almonds with olive oil after the drying stage and then smoking. I find the oil absorbs into the almonds and makes them less dry. I think this may draw the smoke into the nut better but just a guess. My smoked almonds are a family favorite at all holiday gatherings [^]. Tom, what you suggest will work great....

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I have not tried brining the nuts and drying them.  Might be a good attempt.  

I did try my first almods for the first time this weekend and just sprayed them with some salty sweet water with some lemon extract and dredged them in a mix of coarse salt, turbinado sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Dryed for 20 minutes then warm smoked for 1 3/4 hours of Maple.  They are great.   I did some pecans in the same mix, they take in smoke so much better.  They got to salty however.  The Almods turned up best.
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