Cherry wood on babybacks?

Started by thirtydaZe, July 15, 2011, 04:38:38 PM

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Anyone give tgis one a go, and have good results?

Need some pucks and the closest place is out of hickory.

So I thought cherry might be unique, but the real desision is cherry or misquite...

your thoughts?

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Cherry will work well with pork ribs. I have used it on ribs before with just a couple pucks of mesquite for strength. It has a lighter flavor so go longer with it ;D
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Smoke with what you have on hand, your ribs will be killer...just let us know how many ribs were left over... :D
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I normally use apple on my ribs but yesterday I was doing 4 racks for a BBQ dinner and when I went to get the apple, sure nuff' no apple, but I did have Cherry so used that instead.
They turned out great, or so said the devouring crowd. I managed to try a few and while they tasted a tad different I won't hesitate to use Cherry again.