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Started by fishawy, July 18, 2011, 07:38:22 AM

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Hi guys
I intend to set-up sausage business, thus I want to take up Professional sausage making course (all types,   such as salami, bologna, fresh sausages, etc.
I am willing to travel to any country, which has such professional courses, but must be in English and not other language.
Actually, I found some professional courses but was conducted in Italian language, which I have no idea of.
Any recommendation or suggestion would be appreciated.



Looks like Brian Polcyn is still an instructor here.  I've half a mind to take a couple of his courses myself once I get out.  Might as well put that GI Bill to some use!


That is a very ambitious undertaking.  I am going to assume that at this point you have already done your homework on the type and size equipment you will require and the cost of procuring it.  Commercial type equipment is far from being cheap.  More importantly I assume you have also already checked into the requirements from your State and Local Health Department assuming you are located in the US.  Also, don't forget the FDA requirements.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Ditto what Ky said

You dont want the Feds on your @$$ and you will need some major insurance backing for that what if factor.

So much to have in this type of business.

USDA inspections as well as an office and private parking space for the inspector.
Licenses from the State and Local agencies which some are big $$
FSA approved products everywhere in the processing, packaging areas

Good luck on your business venture.


Hi guys
Sorry for late reply and thank you all for the comments.
Actually, I don't live in USA, I'm living in Singapore which we have different requirement for food business.
Regarding the cost of commerical equipment, I've budgeted into my business plan.
Please can you recommend some organization to take the courses, in any country,as I mention before I'm willing to travel.

All recommendations are appreciated.

Habanero Smoker

Possible other good sources may be found on some forums that are geared strictly or mostly towards sausage making. I would try posting there. A good sausage making course will also go into the type of equipment you will need. I would also try contacting local culinary schools for some leads and butcher shops.

SausageMaking Forum may be a good place to post your question.



Your in Singapore?

Ahhh heck then just open up business like crazy. What they going to do get the Singapore sausage police after ya?

Smokin Soon

You might want to contact these Swiss guys in the Philippines and offer to do an internship with them. They are masters of the art and deal with what equipment and supplys that are available in S.E. Asia.