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Started by Asclep, July 22, 2011, 08:14:13 PM

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I wanted to say hi.

More to come.. (I had a question but found a thread that might help me.)


Ask away. Even if you find the answer. Lots of different ways to stuff.


So my original problem was I bought a Auber double pid, and tried to get it to work with my OBS.

It wouldnt kick on... I found the answer in another thread which was that one of the 6 timers had the end condition set to a temperature and I only had 1 temperature probe in use.

as soon as I turned the C03 from F to t it kicked on and worked :)


So....for a BBQ tomorrow I am doing a 10 lb pork shoulder, 12 lb brisket, 4 racks pork ribs, 4 racks beef ribs.... I started the pork shoulder and brisket in my offset smoker to get them some flavor and will be putting them in the OBS to cook overnight! Then Tomorrow morning I will throw the pork ribs in the OBS and the beef ribs in the offset smoker.

I can't wait to get the 2nd heating element in :) Should be awesome to be able not to worry about temperature.


Dam, thats alot of meat. gonna b one heck of a shindig.  ;D   Post pics if you can. We all like pics around here. Its nice to read and look at something at the same time.  ;D ::)


Welcome to the forum.
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Wow, you don't mess around do you.  That's a load of meat.  Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to the finished pics.
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Hi and welcome to the forum, sounds like you have a day of fun ahead of you...
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