Weather stripping coming out of the door

Started by HookedOnMyBradley, September 12, 2011, 06:47:58 AM

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I was smoking some burgers this weekend and noticed a small stream of smoke and heat coming out of somewhere it shouldn't and as I looked closer, it appears that some of my weather stripping has pulled away from the door.  Is there an easy way to re-seat the weather stripping in the door?  I didn't get a chance to look closely as I was in the middle of a smoke.  Thanks in advance.



Weather stripping? If you are referring  to the magnetic door strip then yes.

Push the strip away from the inside of the door and you will see some screws.

Loosen a few of those until the seal can get push back properly.

That is usually cause by the door magnetic sticking to the cabinet from smoke residue.

The door seal and the magnetic need to be wiped down after each smoke.


If it's still under warranty, you can always contact Bradley and get it replaced.

- Mike.
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It sounds like it just got smoke stuff and can be easily fixed.

Changing the door magnet out is a pain in the Butt.


should be an easy adjustment by loosing a few screws and adjust the door  seal


 Thanks all!  Got things re-adjusted.  No more leaky smoke!  Appreciate the help.