Started by cajunboudreaux, September 13, 2011, 06:47:42 AM

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Well first I would like to Thank Brian and Frank @ Bradley for their great customer service as well as you all for helping get this figured out. I was freaking out due to the fact that my company is doing an event for a very important client this thursday for the LSU/Mississippi St. game and her sons birthday. This client has had a Cajun restaurant here in Phoenix for over 20 years and ask me to BBQ/ Cook for them which will really be a statement of my work. Then my 12 year old smoker gets stolen. So i order a new one. It gets here and here we go. Just so happens that 3 parts were bad from the get go( generator element, slide bar,and the main element). so before realizing the others being bad i callled Frank last week due to it not getting hot. He sent out a new element. I replaced it then started smoking. I could not get the smoker above 150 and being the smoker was new the smut problem occured due to the damper being closed to much (my fault). So yesterday i cleaned up the smoker reseasoned it. I called Frank this morning after Brian and I going back and forth on email and they have the new parts being sent right away. I gotta say, I haven't had this great of customer service in a very long time. This right here is why I have had 3 Bradley smokers and will continue to use their product. Thanks guys for being top notch.

Having two commercial smoker rigs and I keep going back to my Original Bradley Smoker for smaller events definitley makes a statement...

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