Broken Door

Started by zueth, September 14, 2011, 09:27:23 AM

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The plastic on the bottom of my door on my DBS was cracking and now broke off.  I have emailed Bradley and have got no reply, I always heard they had good customer service.  Starting to wonder now, I guess I will call them.


Calling them is always best.

Sorry it happen, but they will fix you up.


Old fashion communication is best


Called, they are sending a door out today.



Now that's a good thing...good luck...
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Mine broke the other day also. Was fine one day and the next, it cracked and fell apart. Once I get my new part I'm gonna look into making a metal one for it.


One of the guys here has done a metal replacement. Someone will point you to it soon I am sure. I can't remember who or where the thread is(memory of a sieve).
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I had my second door failure today, just a few weeks after installing a new door  >:(    On a positive note, I did a hinge replacement "on the fly" using 3 metal hinges, pop riveted in place. So now I know the door will actually stay in place!  :)

I've got some summer sausage in there now, it's been about 11 hours and it's only at 125 degrees, gonna be a long night.


I also have had two door hinge failures. The door hinges will never have a suitable durability with the current design. In just a few months, I have had a heating element failure, two hinge failures and I also have an issue with pucks not always advancing. I havent bothered to figure out what is causing the puck advancing issue.