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Started by rigstar, November 12, 2011, 10:45:22 AM

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my digital display quite working after 3 smokes, was kinda pissed >:(
was warming up to smoke went out to check on progress and nothing
checked things out, heater still working, puck advance still working, even
advancing every 20 mins., just no display to use
grabbed the boss' cooking thermometer and stuck in the vent and went to smoking
(she wasn't very impressed, lol)
of course it was the weekend
phoned bradley mon. afternoon, told them problem, no problem they said will send one
out - new display
was warming smoker up for cooking some chicken thurs. afternoon, and who shows
up fedex with new display ;D
actually finished smoke without changing the display
was VERY IMPRESSED with customer service and short turnaround on getting my part!!!!!!
would like to thank Bradley on their GREAT customer service!!!
either your in, or your in the f***ing way



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This is one of the biggest reasons I bought a Bradley, I came here first and read for hours about the likes and dislikes of the Bradley and the likes far out wayed the dislikes..
Glad to hear you are pleased....
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Yep their support is outstanding  ;)