10lbs. of snack sticks

Started by devo, November 17, 2011, 05:09:40 PM

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Started out with this round roast ...17 lbs. , cut off 10 pounds and ground it up.

All cut up and froze for two hours before grinding.

Added the cure and some spices and mixed up real good

Two hours into the smoke they are taking on nice colour. To bad when I but the probe into the sticks it burst the sticks  >:(

Cold water bath, not sure if they needed it but hey they got it any ways.

All cut up waiting to be Vac. wrapped

Christmas presents all vac sealed


Looks good Don. What flavor did you go with?

The last batch I did I had too much fat in them and they never could firm up like I would like them to do. I had some high fat beef burger given to me and was asked to make it into sticks but I was not that happy with them. They liked them but I just don't think they new better.
I have a question for those that have more experience then I do with collagen casings? Does the moisture in the meat transpire through the collagen casings?


The flavor I went with Kirby was left overs from sausage maker and Hi-mountain, and some Starnes. Even added two table spoons of Jans spicy rub to it. Can,t answer your casing question. They where left over too.


Sounds like you were cleaning out the old pantry. Sill looks good though.



They look really good devo, my oldest son wants me to make him up some real hot ones...hate to make them up to hot and then they won't eat them...
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Lookin good, Sure is fun makin Sticks :)