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Started by scootusa, November 19, 2011, 09:03:26 PM

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I received the Original Bradley Smoker for my birthday this week and I am very excited to use it for the first time on Sunday.  I have a 7 pound pork shoulder that I have in the fridge with Jan's rub on it, as well as a 5 pound turkey breast soaking in brine.  I started with just the pork for dinner, but wanted to test the turkey for Thanksgiving.  Anyway, for tomorrow I am assuming (from what I have read) it will take less time to finish the turkey compared to the pork.  Having that in mind, do I need to start the pork first the put the turkey in after it or what is someone's advice on this? 


La Quinta

Put that pork in WAY before the turkey breast...what time are you going to eat? That will depend more on the pork than the Turkey breast...the pork is gonna take some time...make sure you get it to room temp before you put it in...that will speed up the cooking...I have never done a combo of those two proteins...I would guess somebody on here has stay tuned...