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Getting Ready for First Attempt----- Help
« on: January 05, 2012, 09:29:15 pm »
As far as my first attempt: I just ordered a jerky cannon and a 3/8 stuffing tube. Already have the venison and the hi-mountain stick kit (the garlic pepper one). Ground venison I have some with fat added (very little fat ) and some for ground beef jerky with no fat. What ratio do I want for the sticks -- venison vs fat (probably pork butt or maybe bacon)? I see a hunting site where the main stick makers use straight venison for sticks and a mixture of pork and venison for their summer sausage. Can I use straight venison?

I will be cooking in the oven- could you please explain the cooking process in relation to temps? Start at what temp and increase to what temp- and how long and I am sure insert a meat thermometer to reach the desired internal temp. I will probably lay the sticks on the oven racks the first time or should I hang them from the racks?

I have seen bloom mentioned and understand the term a little. Will they need to bloom and if so what is the process.

The collagen casings in a stick kit, There are four sections in the kit-- does anyone know how much meat for one casing. I hate to have too much or too little mix and waste the casing.

I see you guys say you do not have to use high temp cheese--- the kids love the cheese in sticks but I am not sure I am that brave yet. Will using regular cheese in the oven vs a smoker work out? I  may throw in some Jalapenos.

I will pick up the LEM 5lb stuffer and try summer sausage the stick deal goes well.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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