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Started by KyNola, January 18, 2012, 11:31:15 AM

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I had a new garage frig delivered today.  I had a place all picked out for it to reside right next to the freezer.  Both have the 3 prong grounded plug.  Due to the shape of the plug they both can't be plugged into the same outlet.  Consequently my frig is now in a place that is a bit inconvenient.  The owner's manual says to not use any type of extension cord.  My question to the experts here, is there anything I can do that will allow me to have both items plugged into the same outlet?  One of the things I was thinking is I have seen these "blocks" that plug into an outlet and allows you to plug 3 different items into it.  Typically they are thinner and would probably fit above the freezer plug.  Would it be OK to use one of those to plug the frig into with nothing else in the block?  The freezer would remain plugged directly into the outlet.

Any thoughts?  Before anyone suggests I do something that involves wiring an outlet, forget it.  I can barely turn on a lamp without setting the house on fire or shocking myself. :o

Thank you for any advice.


Yeah, one of those heavy 3 or 4 way 'blocks' is fine.    I had the same dilemma.  (freezer, beer fridge, garage vacuum, workbench outlet strip, firestorm battery charger..)

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You could also use a surge protector(computer type) that has a short cord. Although you're told not to use an extension cord,surge protectors are usually a heavier guage and can handle the extra amps.

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I would not worry one minute about using a "block" to solve your problem.  Please dont use a surge protector... if it trips, and you dont notice....your meat will smell....
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Thanks guys!  I knew I could depend on you to give me good advice!


Or you can use a short A/C cord. They are heavy duty and only about three feet long.