HELP! heating element question?

Started by watchdog56, January 18, 2012, 03:18:06 PM

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OK I am finally going to try and put in and extra element. I have the 6 rack digital. I have the 14 gauge high temp wire and spade connectors. I also want to add the additional switch. Can I just use regular wire connectors for this or do they have to be special?


When I did mine I asked an electrician from work when he gave me the high temp wire if special connectors were needed and he told me no, just take of the plastic if it's going to be near the heat source.

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I also have a digital in line fuse. It looks like on my existing element the wire from one end of the fuse connects to the heating element and the other goes to the plugin in the back. So do I just use the wire from my new in line fuse and connect that to the new element and then piggy back to the old in line fuse to the plug? Then I would just need the new high temp wire going from the other side of the element to piggy back to the other side of the plug right? I am planning on adding a switch also so I can use either both elements or just one.


Yes I have that up also but not sure if I can connect to other in line fuse or do I need to hook both sides of element up with high temp wire? Looks like I just hook up the one side with the inline fuse wire and the other side would need the high temp wire. Or do I need to hook the wires from the new sensor to where the plug goes? If that is the case I thought it was supposed to go through the extra in line fuse I was supposed to get? I hope this makes sense?

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I'm not sure if I'm reading your post correctly, so this may not be the answer you are looking for.

Unless you purchased and additional in-line fuse, you do not hook the second element up to one. When you install the second element in the digital the only part of the original wiring you modify, is when you splice the new wires into the existing wiring at the plug.



Thanks, son in law came over and we got it done. Thanks everyone.