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Started by car54, January 26, 2012, 08:34:03 AM

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QuoteHow are you doing?
Going crazy... You may know we are now a small defense contractor and as the company's (FSO) Facility Security Officer the regs keep changing to the point I want to pull my hair out. I still have one to address I got last week.

Thought about an early retirement but the extra taxes on Susan and my SS payment just did not justify it yet. I am training someone to replace me.

Going to purchase a 8' X 20' flats boat and go fishing and spend more time with my Grandaughter. My gardening is going well. I just set up a 15' by 30' wild flower garden in the front yard. They are already growing. Found today a baby pineapple growing. I figure about 3-4 months until it is fully fruited.

This Saturday I will smoke a brisket, make my candized baked beans, do a crunch bread, and raw apple cake with home-made caramel sauce.

Otherwise all is good for an old man.

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While I don't post much, I do every now and then take a few and try and keep up to date.
Have learned lots of great information over the years and have even started to dabble in new things (cold smoking, jerky making, dehydrating & yogurt (not smoked...yet), sausage making, sous vide, etc.) because of the inspiration of others.

I constantly share info about this and old's recipe site with others at work - know several who have even bought OBSs - wish I could say because of me but it's really because of how great Bradley is. Even wear my Bradley cap everywhere and am always happy to talk about the Bradley - even to non Bradley smoker sales people demonstrating at Costco  ;D



That is great to hear Raye. Love the wild flowers. Those things that just pop up are always a surprise. Once when I was driving dump trucks I was at a jobsite where they were building a warehouse in what was farmland before. I guess they had come in with a bulldozer and  pushed the top soil back to the perimeter. I was sitting in my truck waiting to dump the aggregete I had brought when I looked over the recognized a plant in the piles of soil. As I worked on a potato farm in my teens it was obvious. I walked over to see and started digging up spuds that were growing all over. Some of the workers  asked me what I was doing. The next thing I knew almost the whole crew was over digging up potatoes. I would say we dug up probably 40 lbs of free potatoes. Free is good.
Go for it on the boat Raye, you won't regret it. Anytime you can spend time with the little ones is good for the soul.
I like to walk threw life on the path of least resistance. But sometimes the path needs a good kick in the ass.

One Big Easy, plus one in a box.

Habanero Smoker


Thanks for the kind words, but without your support and backing the Recipe Site would not exist.

Wow! Good to see that you are planning to takes some of your time to enjoy yourself.

It funny you should mention the candized baked beans. I had plan to make my first batch last weekend, but my plans have changed. I'm now planning to make them tomorrow.




It is great hearing from you. I had forgotten about your gardens. Your techniques are great and I admire what you are doing. Thanks for everything. How is your(or your grand daughter's) MG doing?



Quote How is your(or your grand daughter's) MG doing?

It is in storage for the most part. I do take it out once per month, and I have to add a stabilizer to the gas. I hope this year to finish its restoration.


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Raye, glad to hear you're doing well and spending time with your family.  Thank you so much for your devotion to both this website and the recipe site.  Were it not for you, literally none of this would exist and none of us would have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

A heartfelt thank you from me.  Now get back on here more often!


Glad to hear you're doing well Raye. I was actually a little worried about you as I hadn't seen a post from you in a while.


Hab and I thank you for the good words...

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