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Jerky cutting board recommendation

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After seeing some pictures on here of jerky cut on a board I would like to purchase a cutting board with knife. I don't have wood cutting tools etc so am looking for a good commercial made board and knife.

Any recommendations?

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Jim O:
I never use a wooden cutting board,especially for poultry. I feel that they eventually get "groved",and that can hold bacteria. I always use a poly  board . It's also easier on the knife edge IMHO .

Jim O

Mr Walleye:

You might want to talk to Devo. He made one out of a plastic cutting board. Here's a link to his recent jerky post which shows a picture of it. If you ask him about it on this thread I'm sure he would be happy to share details.


Heres a couple, I have not used them as i just use a  sharp knife  ;D


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