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Started by bubbagump, January 29, 2006, 03:37:55 AM

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After tonights meal I felt it necessary to say <u>Thank You</u> to all of you who have contributed, and continue to contribute, your knowledge and experience to this forum. This forum is the main reason I selected the Bradley.

When I first bought my BS I really had no idea how to smoke anything. The first brisket I did was not good, too dry and tough. After reading many posts I found that anything a person could do wrong cooking one, I did. Now, thanks to everyone's experience and input, my briskets are absolutely delicious.

Tonight was pulled pork me and the family, and a brisket for my brother and his family. The pulled pork was out of this world. I used sauce recipes that Habanero Smoker and nxsbill contributed along with a couple of different bbq sauces that I make, and let me tell you it was a feast to remember. I got a call from my brother who said the brisket was loved by all and there was little left over.

Once again, thanks to all. I'm certain I wouldn't be enjoying my BS as much as I am without this forum and all of you who contribute to it. [:)]