Ribs for dinner

Started by devo, March 23, 2012, 03:55:11 PM

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Had some pork ribs to smoke this morning. Did the 3-2-1 kinda. You know things don't aways go as planned. Had to finish them in the oven as I had a big old Whole Sirloin Tip to go in and get some loving.

Rubbed with Jans rub

3 hours of hickory and foiled for 2 hours and finished in the oven

So I can make room for this 11.4 lb sucker rubbed down with Gunpowder. Going to take to 160* IT then tent with apple juice and bring to 190-195* IT to pull some beef


Nice looking ribs. I am sure your tip will come out fine as well.


Been awhile since we had ribs, they are callin for rain all weekend might just be the time to do some ribs...all looks super good Devo...
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Looks good Devo.  Wonder why I can see some pics and some I can't on my phone. I see a ? Inside a square. I had to go to my laptop to see the pic of the PID connectors you posted. ???

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Dang Devo, em ribs turnt out lookin purt' darn good!
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