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Started by Oyènkwara, February 11, 2006, 12:19:19 AM

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Based on info gathered from the Forum I decided to try smoking some pistachios for a super bowl party I was going to attend. I was not sure how they were going to turn out so I started with a two-pound bag I picked up at the supermarket. Again, because it was an "experiment" I used 2 hours of special blend pucks (I got a bunch with the smoker) I smoked them a couple of days earlier so the smoke taste and smell could mingle amongst the nuts.

Well they were a HUGE success. Everyone raved about them. I know I could not stop eating them. Well the bag was soon polished off and a request was made for some more (up coming Daytona 500 party). I got 6 pounds this time (BJ's Warehouse).

I would like to extend a collective thanks to all of the forum members who share their ideas for those of us who are new to the smoking bug. And thanks to JJC (John) as I believe it was he who shared the idea for the pistachios



Check out this post I just did on my own journey on Pistachios.

JJC helped inspire these as did others like owrstrich and many others.  I think my obsession is slowing down for pistachios.  BTW, the Pecans and Almonds are a close 2nd to the results on the pistachios.
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