Author Topic: "Ol' Time BBQ joint" (not a commercial)  (Read 2283 times)

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"Ol' Time BBQ joint" (not a commercial)
« on: February 12, 2006, 12:18:21 pm »
Here in Mobile, AL there's a little BBQ joint out by the University of South Alabama called the "BrickPit". Totally informal, 10 tables, maybe. Autographs on walls, ceiling, tables almost everywhere. Stop by and sign in sometime. I guess it's one of the last fun places around town to eat or take out. Even Homemade Banana Pudding every day.
This place has been written up in many Culinary magazines and fancied by a lot of famous people. "Bear" Bryant, Jimmy Buffet, <font size="1">& Me</font id="size1">[:o)], etc
It's been chosen as one of the 5 best BBQ restraurants in the South by <i>"The Atlanta Constitution"</i>
Featured in <i>"Gourmet Magazine"</i> in Jan. 1999
Featured in <i>"Southern Living"</i> in Oct. 2000
Took 1st place in <i>"Food Networks"</i> All-American Tailgating Cook-Off for best ribs.
The Ribs (Smoked 12 hrs.) & Chicken (6-8 hrs.) are great but Bill Armbrecht's <font color="red"><b>"Pulled Pork"</font id="red"></b> is to die for. It's smoked for up to 30 hours and then hand pulled (<font size="1">no chopping here</font id="size1">[:(!]) to remove 90% of the fat Bill uses his own blend of Hickory and Pecan.. Mostly Pecan.
Me and my Bradley are working to try come close to what Bill gets.
<i><b>Sure are a lot of "Bills" smoking now days</b></i>.[:D]

If you can eat it, you can smoke it.
If you can eat it, Then You can smoke it