13 Lbs of Sausage

Started by JZ, April 06, 2012, 08:31:25 PM

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I made up 7 lbs of Mikes Kielbasa and 6 lbs of Bologna. All of it went into hog casings because I have lots of it.

Here are the meats 7 lbs of pork butt and 6 lbs of beef.


Here is the sausage hanging at room temp to dry a bit.


Here they are coming out of the smoker to go into the hot tub for a quick cook.


This is the first real test of the new dual fan installation. I did not rotate the meat at all during the smoke (6 hrs total) and the only part of the sausage that was a little overdone was the longest links that were close to the back of the v pan. I am happy with the fan installation. You can see the dark part of the 2 longest links in this pic.


And here they are blooming for 2 hrs.


And of course the $$$. The Bologna is on the left and the Kielbasa on the right.


I did have one problem at the start of the initial drying period in the smoker. I noticed that there was a puff of smoke coming out of the smoker a couple of times when the meat was still in the drying stage. Didn't seem right so I opened the door and found one of the links fell on to the v tray because the string slipped off one end of the link. Glad I caught it early.

I am a little disappointed with the results. When I fried a patty of the bologna that was left in the stuffer the taste was very good and the whole house smelled great. But after the smoke and bath the sausage is kind of bland. Hopefully it will improve with an overnight rest in the refer. The Kielbasa was better but not as good as the last batch. Hopefully better in the morning.


I like your blooming stand.  Will make me one soon, my wife will never find out I have another toy.
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Now that is one heck of a good job my friend, I think you will find the taste will get somewhat better with time..really looks good...
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Looks good to me, did a week in the fridge help the taste?


QuoteLooks good to me, did a week in the fridge help the taste?

It's a little better but still no where near as good as the last batch I made and it's the same Kielbasa recipe I used last time.