Keep You Favorite Rub Working!

Started by Bear1968, May 02, 2012, 02:52:43 PM

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I was in the mood for Burritos so I picked up a pack of Flour Tortillas the other day at the market thinking I had a can of re-fried beans in the pantry .... WRONG!  >:(
OK No Beans so now what?   :-\
I thawed two boneless, skinless chicken breasts. In the mean time I grabbed a small sauce pan and added a cup of Tomato Sauce, a splash of Taco Sauce and about a Tsp or so of my Basic Rub and started it to simmer and blend.
*When I say "Basic Rub" I have one I make that I use on Pork, Chicken, Beef ... just about anything. NOT to be confused with my Rib Rub!*
I then Butterflied the Breasts and coated them with my Basic Rub. Fried the Breasts in a nonstick skillet. Removed them and pulled them with two forks. Just like you would a Boston But   :)
Threw the shredded Chicken back in the skillet and mixed in the Sauce. Let it thicken while making sure NOTHING burned ... about 5 minutes and loaded it into Skillet-toasted Tortillas topped with a mix of grated Cheddar and Provolone ...... smoked in my BRADLY! I rolled the Lil Darlings up ..... and Heaven!
I never thought about keeping the rubs I LOVE "Working" even when my Smoker or Grill wasn't but I will from now on!

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They look super to me, and I like your choice of beer too...
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Those are looking good. Bet they tasted en better.

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