Need advice for pork butt for party today

Started by Gaston Guy, May 05, 2012, 04:11:38 AM

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Gaston Guy

I have 2 pork butt2 in the smoker which should be done by 9-10am.  We have a party a 5pm tonght.  Should I pull it and then refrigerate or put it in a cooler.  Also, could you go over ftc again? 


If it was mine and they were done at the time you posted I'd pull the meat, stick it in the fridge and then reheat it about 1.5 hours ahead of the party.  I store mine in disposable aluminum roasting pans, sealed in foil.  When it's time to reheat I add a cup or so of apple juice and put it in the oven at 350*F for 1.5 hours, sealed in the foil.  Reheated pulled pork tastes pretty good, if not better, than when it was first cooked.

I'm in the middle of doing something similar for a party tomorrow (Sunday).  20-25 men and the pulled pork will be the only meat.  I've smoked three so far and will start the other two when I get home from work this afternoon.  I'd planned on only smoking three total and the raw weight was around 22 lbs.  When I weighed them after they were cooked, no bone and pulled I only have 8 lbs left.  Time to buy a few more.  I didn't know they would shrink that much.

FTC:  Foil, Towel, Cooler.  Wrap the meat in foil (before pulling), stick it in a cooler with a towel over the foil and close the lid. I've done things that way for up to 3 hours and they are still quite hot.  I've read others say they've done the FTC for 5 or more hours with no problem.


What they said ;D

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Habanero Smoker

I know this is a little late, but if I was looking at a window of 7 hours prior to serving time, I would wrap them in foil, hold them in the Bradley at 150°F until about 1:00 PM or so, then FTC them until it was time to pull them.


Gaston Guy

Thanks for the advice guys.  Turns out the butts got stubborn and were done at 11am.  I FTC'd and pulled it close to 5pm.  Amazed at how steaming hot it still was after that time and received a lot of compliments on my butts.  Appreciate the help from this great forum.