Anybody in central Ohio that repaires bradley smokers?

Started by williet100, August 15, 2012, 01:56:11 PM

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My smoker, 6 rack digital, got blown over in a storm. The cover
was blown off and rain got in the back!! Now the heat element
doesnt work.

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Hi williet100;

Sorry to have to welcome you to the forum in this manner.

You can check with Bradley to see if they sub-contract any electrical repair shops in your area.

From your post, it appears your generator is working. If you are handy repairing with minor electrical problems or have a friend that is handy, you should be able to fix it yourself. It may be as simple as a wire may have been jarred loose, or the wiring got wet and the in-line fuse has blown when you tried to use it.

If you attempt your own repairs, I would first remove the back and bottom covers of the cabinet, and make sure that every thing is completely dry, that is including the insulation, before proceeding.



When you say Central Ohio are you around Columbus or closer to Cincinnati? I live just outside of Cincy - Florence, KY and I would be willing to help you get up and running.
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