Dual Element Mod Question

Started by banditto1969, October 08, 2012, 09:11:31 PM

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My element failed so while it is apart I started compiling a dual element build including 2 metal elements, a pid, and thermocouple.  The pid is a 1/32 DIN style so it is going inside the smoke generator.  My question right now is the PID has built in overtemp protection monitoring, can the high temp sensor be removed from the circuit?  is it a current sensor or is it thermal?


I believe it is thermo. I know when mine broke and I was waiting for a new one I just jumped the sensor and everything worked just fine. It was a quick fix at the time.


Thanks for the reply!  Ya I figured as much.  The PID fails to off and has built in thermal protection as an alarm you can set.  I realize that leaving the door open may make enough radiant heat it could cause some damage but I have owned my OBS for (??) 7 years?  and haven't left the door open yet.  For one thing the hinge has a lot to be desired and I wouldn't ever chance it. 

I guess I will go get started.