Trying to access some old threads from old forum, no go

Started by ChefBill, April 06, 2006, 05:18:44 AM

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I had some threads in the old forum that were listed under my favorites and when I now click on them they only go to the new forums Home Page.. I guess the old thread addresses didn't translate to the new forum... Anybody tried this??? ???
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The new site starts with a completely different URL and has a different processor.  However, the topic number "Migt" be the same.

Go to the favs and look at the link, see the topic number, try to use that topic number in the URL, the following is an exable URL in the new forum, see the topiuc number.  Change the number (2937) ....

STRATCH THAT.  I tried it by looking at old posts and tracking the Post ID to the nw site, and they don't match up.
Sorry for getting your hopes up!!
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The best way to explain this is that all items were stored in one home. The items were then move to a new house on a different street. Going to the old home does no good as the items are just not there.

Let me ask you.  Have you downloaded the recipes from the recipe site that I set up? The program that created that data base I can give to you.  The directions are rather easy to follow. Basically once you understand the program all you have to do is highlight any posting you wish to save copy and paste it into the program's window. Adding images is not hard. At that point you will have on your desktop / system a copy of the items you wish to be able to reference in the future.

This program may be used for many things. I also use it to keep my business E-mails in their own category with a structure of topics, dates and whom set them. Plus I also cross-reference with this program different E-mail from multiple persons on the same topic.  It is a pretty slick program. Now it is not the current version out there but that one now cost $$$.

Let me know.

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I found 99% of them and have changed the addresses so they are now back where they should be in my favorites. Didn't take that long to find them. Thanx again, Bill
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