Retail Price for New Digital Bradley

Started by mando2802, April 06, 2006, 12:59:42 PM

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What will the Suggested Retails be for the new models?


See Chez bubba on this at his web page i think he said 450 4 racker 550 6 racker with 60 pucks included.


            If temperature control is your main concern , I have a much cheaper alternative to
          buying a new smoker.It is a very simple addition to any electric smoker including
          the bradley. It is produced by "OMEGA" the part # is CBC991-550 or -250 . The
          -550 has a range of 149f to 554f, the -250 is 59f to 250f. This unit doesn't require
          any wiring at all, simply plug the unit in to your 110v supply and plug the oven cord
          in to the unit's receptacle , locate the sensing tube in a central location in the oven
          and your ready to go.The temp is set by a dial on the unit, it starts and stops the
          element thus regulating the temperature according to the sensor bulb. You can see
          this unit at ( search the part number)


thanks smojo...

thats the exact same unit hugh hefner uses on his enima warmer and look what it got him...

thats right... a big smile at 80 years old...

you gotta eat...


i am johnny owrstrich... i disapprove of this post...



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