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Started by BTI Canada PR, April 07, 2006, 09:20:23 AM

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BTI Canada PR

April 7, 2006

Hi everyone:

As we work to keep the boards organized per topic and subject, we've created a general discussion board in the miscellaneous topics category.  This board is intended for general discussions between Bradley forum users that do not specifically relate to other boards on the forum.  Call it the 'coffee & chat' board if you wil...a place to share what you will after having talked about the latest smokers. 

While we continue to support your community here, I'd ask you to keep in mind not to abuse these boards and of course keep all discussions in good taste (pun intended).

We've also added a board at the top of the forum where announcement from BTI will now be placed, rather than in the specific topic categories. This will continue to help the forum have a more streamlined look.


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