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Started by jann, November 24, 2012, 12:42:12 PM

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Hi all,
My bisquit advance mechanism stopped working, even to the point where the manual wood advance stopped feeding.  I took the smoke generator apart with the help of bradley's troubleshooting guide, which they sent me.  After cleaning it out with a compressor (really bad inside), it seemed like the micro switch was the problem, because  the motor would not stop turning, so I ordered a replacement (switch).  After installing the new one, the motor wouldn't turn at all, and the E1 error light is flashing.  It seemed like a fairly straight forward fix, but I am now stumped.  Anyone have an idea, or if all else fails, know someone in Victoria BC who can fix it.  The smoker is 4 years old.  Thanks.


The E1 error is directly related to the thin sensor cable that runs from the smoke generator to the tower.  Unplug and replug both ends of the cable and see if that fixes your E1 issue.

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Hi Jann;

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With an E-1 error, it generally indicate a loose connection between the sensor cable that goes from the generator to the back of the smoker. Disconnect and reconnect it a few times.

Here is more information that the E-1 error

E-1 Error



When I fixed my error problems I purchased

   1 digital smoker sensor cable, 2 digital smoker sensor plugs and 1 internal advance stop button (micro switch).  Total parts almost $10.   Shipping $5.50  Total was almost $16   

No more E errors.

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Thanks again everyone.  The smoke generator is on my workbench in the shop, and not connected to the tower.  I didn't realize that the two were interconnected, duh.  I will re-assemble the unit and try again.  Thanks once more.  This forum is the best!