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Started by 40 below smoker, November 30, 2012, 01:00:11 AM

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40 below smoker

I live in North Pole, Alaska and am wondering if anyone has experience using a Bradley in extreme cold temps. I've used at -42 once and colder than -20 several times, just curious if anyone out there has similar experience. Supposed to be COLD this weekend, but have the urge to break out the smoker anyway. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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40 below smoker

Wind and peeking are your biggest enemies. I live in Saskatchewan so I see plenty of -40 stuff too. We also have a lot of wind. You definitely want to shelter the smoker as much as possible. A number of members have made blankets out of water heater insulation blankets to help. If there is wind, you want to find a way of not allowing it to blow across the tip vent. It seems to suck the heat right out.

A number of members have also put their smokers inside a Suncast outdoor cabinet to resolve this. If you search around the forum you'll see lots of examples. I have mine built into my heated detached garage simply to have the weather not enter the equation... plus it's more relaxing to sit and sip on a cold one!  :D


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Yep wind and peeking are your biggest enemies
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Man, I thought 40F was cold here last week ;D

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At those temps it would be a perfect time to do some cheese. :)


Hey 40 below. Good to see another Alaskan on the forum. I have one of my Bradley's up in Prudhoe Bay. We built a small insulated plywood shack for it and put a little portable heater in there to help hold temps. Works great even in a blow. Winters here buddy!  :o  ;D


Quote from: JZ on November 30, 2012, 09:18:09 AM
At those temps it would be a perfect time to do some cheese. :)

I am thinking more along the lines of smoked ice cream  ;)
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40 below smoker

Thanks everyone. I have considered making some kind of cover to help keep in the heat, think I'll have to do that soon. Luckily, we don't have much wind here, just bitter cold! Just made some cheese last weekend, nice when you have to worry about keeping it warm enough, not cool enough for cold smoking!