Newbie question - new smoker doesn't sit level on the floor?

Started by What's that great smell?, December 28, 2012, 09:41:32 AM

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What's that great smell?

Just unpacked my new 6-rack digital, and I immediately noticed that the smoker tower does not sit level on the floor - it wobbles a bit from side to side.  Did a quick search on the forum, and did not see anything similar posted.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions on how to address it?



Is your floor level? If it is, try un-screwing the feet and retighten
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may want to remove rubber feet and add fender washers to one corner to help level it... sounds like your floor might not be level

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I would test it by setting it on a table or counter top. If it still wobbles, it may have gotten damaged during shipping; if so ask for an exchange. If it is the floor, then adding fender washers will work. You don't want to run the the smoker when it is not level. Mine was not level at one point, and the grease ran through the drip hole, along the bottom of the drip tray and dripped grease on the bisquettes and bisquette burner.



I believe the feet are taller on the front than the rear. Could be it got a wrong foot put on. Try measuring the feet and see what you come up with.
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