DIY dual PID control

Started by DukeNukeIt, January 03, 2013, 08:29:55 PM

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So first off I would have to say that this project was NOT cheaper then just buying the dual temp control from Auber instruments  :(  But it was quite a bit more fun  ;)

I picked up two PID controls, one is the regular control, the other one is the Ramp/soak SSR style control for step programming.

I also picked up some different colored lamps, and an alarm for an over-temp alert.  (If the cabinet temp reaches 350 or higher, the entire control box will shut down and the alarm will go off until power is shut off.)

The back has cutouts for the re-circulation fan, and the heater control, plus both the food temperature probe, and the cabinet temp probe.

I installed some terminal strips, a lock-out relay, and the SSR with it's heat sink into the control box.

I then wired everything up using the schematic I came up with:

Here is the fully wired control box:

And after I attached the front and back:

After a full checkout and test-run, I closed up the control box and added labels:

So far so good, I've done a couple of smokes now, and everything is working fine.  Should not have any problems if there is ever the need to make any modifications later so the future looks bright  8)


Wow that does look like it was a fun project. Reminds me of a company that is no longer around called "Heathkit". They made all kinds of eletronic kits you could buy and build. My dad built a loudhailer for his boat. I use to look threw those catalogues all day long. I wish they were still around. I love to build stuff like that but I need instructions. LOL
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Heathkit, think I might still have one or two their catalogs somewhere. :-)

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Very, very nice.  I'll bookmark this project.  Thanks for posting.
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That is one clean installation!

You don't want to see the bird's nest I have for my Traeger PID controller  :o ;D
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WOW, very nice!

Ditto on the Heathkit catalogs....    I loved looking through that stuff as a kid.



Heathkit was headquartered here in Michigan.  I remember my father building their kits also.  Might even have a few of the old finished "kits" still laying around.  It was a fun project, but I'm glad it is over and working great!


 I still have a automotive engine multi tester that I built from a Heathkit.

I am from the Detroit area. The store was on 8 mile.

I always wanted to build a TV from one of those kits!!

nice job on that.

Mr Walleye


Nice Job!  8)

It' very similar to the controller I built for my 220v watt burner. The only difference was I added a cooling fan for the SSR because it's switching a lot more power and I had a dedicated PID, TC & Contactor setup as a high limit switch.

Excellent work!  ;)


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Very clean . Nothing like what my work with anything electrical looks.


Very Nice job, My Dad still uses the Stereo/radio amplifier he built 40 years ago from Heathkit.


Yup too bad Heathkit isn't still around, we all would be building PID's and remote thermo's and whatnot.
I like to walk threw life on the path of least resistance. But sometimes the path needs a good kick in the ass.

One Big Easy, plus one in a box.


Wow Heathkit that sure takes me back.  I built their VTVM (vacuum tube volt meter) when I was in grade school.  A PID sure would be a fun project
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Please buy me a dual probe PID


Posting to find this again later

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