Bacon Jalapeno Crackers

Started by NePaSmoKer, January 29, 2013, 06:35:26 PM

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Recipe from another site. I just did them different.

Didnt have no hidden valley but i used a sub  ;D

Deviating some.

All mixed

Following the recipe with what i have to work with.

After some gentle rotating of the bowl, i only had 1 break which i disposed of properly  :D

And he is right, they are still crisp. Will rotate before bed and smoke em tomorrow.

Original recipe.

Smoked Cajun crackers Oct 2012

2 sleeves saltine crackers
1 cup olive oil, EV or light
1 pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix
2 TBS crushed red pepper

I use ¾ cup light olive oil, ½ pkg. dressing mix, and 1 heaping TBS red pepper. This suites my taste buds. Stir olive oil, dressing mix, & red pepper well. Empty crackers into a sealable container, like tupper ware. I try to pour them out standing up. Drizzle the olive oil mix over crackers. Put lid on & gently shake & rotate to get crackers coated. Do this several times and let set over night for crackers to soak up all the olive oil, rotate before going to bed and when you get up. Surprisingly after soaking up the olive oil they are still crispy.
Serve as a snack or with your favorite appetizer, like jalapeño poppers, ABT's, or smoked meats also great with or in soups.

Note: don't use fat free crackers, they don't soak up the olive oil like they should


I do pretty much the same routine but use Nabisco Oyster Crackers instead. Not as likely to break up and easier to eat. Haven't ever smoked 'em tho'
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